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Job Description

Job Description
Our processors are a critical part of our team. Once a loan is structured by a loan officer and approved by a coordinator, it is passed to our processing team. A processor’s job is to request and clear any remaining conditions, communicate with all parties of the transaction and schedule a stress-free closing. A processor is like the air traffic controller of the mortgage transaction. They are directing and communicating with all parties to achieve an on-time and smooth closing. You truly become your client’s hero and they become your friends. If you are looking for a place to call HOME, clients to love, and to be surrounded by the best in the industry who are willing to invest in you – please email your resume to Pay is based on experience. Training available.

* Have a good working knowledge of loan programs and guidelines
* Review loan documentation and submit accurately to clear pending conditions
* Input information into our loan processing system
* Track all deadlines and perform the necessary functions ahead of schedule
* Communicate the next step with all parties involved
* Coordinate an on-time and accurate closing

* You must have organizational, problem solving, multi-tasking and analytical skills.
* You must have the ability to work efficiently, independently and manage multiple files simultaneously to meet contract, closing and lock deadlines.
* You must have strong verbal and written communication skills with a strong customer service emphasis.

So basically:

You instinctually just love people so much that golden retrievers aspire to be you when they grow up.
You have the competitive spirit of the 1981 US Olympic hockey team.
You play well with others. And not because you’re the only one in the neighborhood with the sandbox.
You close files on-time so often, that you put the Swiss train system to shame.
Your nerves under pressure rival those of a hostage negotiator.
When you make a mistake, you own it…and learn from it.
And one day you’ll be…the best processor in the world. 🙂
In summary: You have the proven efficiency of a robot, the processing the speed of a gazelle, and the heart of Mother Teresa.

City Creek Mortgage
We are a locally owned mortgage company that has been providing easy and affordable mortgages for Utah families for over 22 years. We help our clients build beautiful lives by saving them money with a refinance loan or helping them secure their next dream home. We understand that families have more important things to spend their money on than a high-commissioned loan process, so we offer a lower cost mortgage with our salary-based loan officers and high-volume business model. This creates grateful and loyal clients who keep coming back and bringing their friends with them. Building these life-long relationships is WHY we love what we do!

City Creek Mortgage is a close knit, family style company filled with people who truly care about each other and our clients. We do this by living out our 5 core values: Take Care of Each Other, Always do the Right Thing, Continuous Improvement, Take Personal Responsibility, and Create Raving Fans.

Staying true to these core values has led us to become the highest producing team in Utah, the second highest in the US, and a 3 time Best of State winner.

To apply:

  1. Take the DISC Test (click here)
  2. Download PDF of results
  3. Email both your resume & DISC Test results to Tobi Roberts (
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