9 Interesting Resumes Statistics You Should Know

Finding a job whether you are unemployed or looking to improve your current situation is a rough grind and whether you like it or not, your resume plays a critical role in landing that next position. Here are some key statistics that you should be aware of.

  1. A good 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume
  2. The top reason for rejecting a candidate resume was a lack of relevant experience
  3. A professionally written resume boots earning potential by 7%  — source: topresume
  4. More than 70% of people who are currently employed are considering a new job – source: topresume
  5. An unprofessional email address is a major problem for 35% of employers
  6. An incredible 75% of HR managers have caught a lie on a resume
  7. A resume longer than 2 pages is a deal-breaker for 17% of hiring managers
  8. 77% of hiring managers disqualify resumes with typos or bad grammar
  9. 60% of HR managers pay attention to whether a resume has been customized to their open position –source: careerbuilder

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